Finding design and print scary?

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to print, but there’s no need to be spooked – you’re in safe hands at Belle. We’re a friendly, down-to-earth bunch with over 25 years’ experience in design, print and finishing, so don’t be scared to talk to us.


Artwork at the ready?

If you’ve got some designs of your own and you’re ready to go, here are a few basic pointers to make sure it’s all treats and no tricks when it comes to print:

– add bleed to your design – this allows the image to go right to the edge of the sheet, giving margins to be cut and finished

– use high resolution images – this doesn’t mean you have to hire a photographer, but don’t rely on the internet for high resolution images as they’re usually low resolution or have copyright attached

– make sure you have your company logo in an EPS format so you can scale it up or down without any blurring

We’ve got some user-friendly artwork guidelines on our website that will walk you through exactly how to supply your artwork while steering you away from common mistakes. They cover everything you need to know: file types, crops, bleeds, colours and sizes. If you’re fairly confident with supplying artwork, this guide will make it a piece of cake.

You can rest assured that if there’s a way of printing your project to get a better end result, we’ll let you know and talk through the different options with you.

Sometimes, you just have to see and feel something for yourself. If you want to get a closer look at our design and print, ask us for a tool book. Our tool book is a beautifully bound set of samples with design ideas, stocks and finishes, so you can see and feel the full range before you choose.



You can see all of our special effects and finishes including foil printing, embossing and printing on different materials – everything from textured boards to translucent papers. There’s plenty of inspiration to spark your creativity.


Feeling a bit overwhelmed?

If talking about crops, bleed and PDFs leaves you in a cold sweat, don’t panic. We can take the lead if you’d like us to. Why not use our in-house design studio to create your own unique artwork? We’ve been in the game a long time, so we know how to make your brand shine through print.

We can help you choose your materials and finishes too, so your print will really pop. We’ve got loads of different options to suit any kind of branding and aesthetic – whatever you’ve got in mind, we can make it happen.

And our sales team will be happy to have a chat and provide you with a quote.

If you want to know how your project is getting on, we’re only a phone call away no matter what stage your project is at. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. We like to build relationships with our clients and get to know them and their businesses so we can provide outstanding personal service.



Print needn’t be scary

Striving to get an exceptional standard of print every time is what we’re all about at Belle. For us, print is an artform and we want every project to look perfect – it’s a matter of pride.

Get in touch and we can get the ball rolling.

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