Add fireworks to your literature

Every time a customer holds a bit of your branded print in their hands, they should recognise it’s yours instantly – whether your brand name is on it or not. The literature your customers see is a vital touchpoint for your brand and making sure there’s consistency across all print material makes your brand recognisable and distinctive.

Think about the last business cards you were given – what did the look, feel and finish make you think of the company? And remember the scene in American Psycho where they compare business cards? The print and design material you offer can create a really big impression.


Why does your brand identity need to be consistent?

Developing your corporate brand identity sounds a bit dry and, well, corporate. But creativity with your print is an interesting way to build and communicate that identity.

Consistency communicates professionalism and authenticity – it encourages your customers to trust you. Whatever your brand personality, it should shine through in your print. Think materials, finishes, colours and shapes.



Where do you start?

We understand that with so many variables in print to think about, the choice can be overwhelming. Our team can talk you through colour options, materials and a range of different finishes – making your life easier.

These may seem like minor details, but over time they’ll become hallmarks of your brand. Creating consistency across your print materials will cultivate that brand identity you desire and can even support your business objectives.


How can you achieve that “wow!” factor?

Consistency is key to getting perceptions of your brand sorted, but sometimes you want your print to stop people in their tracks. We have some tricks up our sleeve at Belle to make your print really special and singular.

We can use bespoke finishing methods to make your print products stand out. Just some of the special print effects we offer are:

These methods give your print a twist while giving your brand a more premium feel. The effects are both visual and tactile, creating a multi-sensory impression.

The paper stock you use has a big impact too. With a rainbow of colours and a variety of textures and thicknesses, we can help you pick a stock that will create the look and feel you’re after.


Need a little inspiration?

These napkin holders for Knutsford Wine Bar use die cutting and gold foiling to create a luxurious look that reflects the brand.



These presentation folders use matt lamination and spot UV printing to take the finish to the next level. They also use bespoke folding and die cutting inside to create a business card holder to make the product useful. Holding one in your hands, it’s clear that thoughtful design and creative skill have gone into the finished product.



Here for you, every step of the way

We understand what looks good. And if you want to impress your customers with design and print, you’ve come to the right place. With more than 30 years’ experience, we’ve got loads of creative print projects under our belt and lots of examples we can show you.

At Belle we’re always evolving and applying new print processes and technologies, so you can be sure your print will be cutting edge. Our in-house designers will help you design eye-catching artwork for your print.

Whatever your aesthetic – pared-down minimalism or a riot of colour and pattern – our designers can make sure your print gets your brand design across perfectly in every format.


Get in touch to talk about the perfect design and print finishes to pull your brand together.


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