Is social media the best way to get referrals?

On a daily basis we use social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. We use it to keep up to date with trends, people and events, but we still find getting business leads through it can be difficult.

Word of mouth referrals are still the way we get most of our business.

While we’re not going to close down our social media presence, I’m happy that the old fashioned way still works. I believe it holds more trust that we do a good job than anything else.

A referral that comes straight from a happy customer – and not typed by an unknown person for an unknown reason or motive – has more merit and is worth far more.

The Belle Design & Print way

At Belle Design and Print, we make sure all of our customers receive the same superb service and deals. And that’s whether they’re on social media or not. In return, they refer our work to their colleagues, their friends or their family.

We’ve seen that some larger companies request that customers type a message on their site, tweet them or post on their LinkedIn page to receive a discount on their next order. We don’t try to force our customers to do that because we don’t think it’s necessary.

People tell others about us because they want to. We strive to do a good job every time so that people keep recommending us.

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