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I was quite surprised to see in the ‘20 best-selling mobile phones of all time’, the top spot was taken by a non-smartphone. The winner was a Nokia 1110, having sold a staggering 250 million.

Some days I wish I could go back to a simple phone like a Nokia 1110. But these days, lifestyle and social pressures mean I have a smartphone so I can stay up to date with everything.

(Ironically I wouldn’t be able to survive now without my calendar, emails, social media interactions, Google, instant banking, camera… oh and of course receiving phone calls!)

These days we’re all busy and the working day never seems long enough. We’ve been in the same position as you when sending those late night emails. And although we’re not a 24-hour business, we are usually near our smartphones and emails so we’re able to help our customers when they need us.

We also know that when you get a reply, you feel like someone is on your side – understanding the way you work. We know what it’s like to have deadlines!

Just give us a call or send us an email and put your mind at rest.

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