B is for brand identity (and business cards)

Building a strong, distinctive brand identity is crucial if you want people to trust and recognise your company.

A brand identity is how the world perceives your company. Your purpose, your personality, your values and your voice all come together to form a (hopefully) cohesive brand.

Make your first impression count

We live in a visual world where imagery is king – your visuals are important as it’s usually the first impression you’ll make on a customer. If your design makes an impression, the chances of someone taking the time to find out more about your brand are much higher.

We’ve got years of experience in design. We’ve designed artwork for a diverse range of businesses – from Champneys at Mottram Hall to Lily Rose Events. Each business needs to communicate something different and we’re experts at getting that across. With both design and print under one roof, we can make sure the finished product looks absolutely perfect.

Effective print makes people stop and think

Tangible elements of your brand identity in print are especially important. This could be menus, flyers, postcards or greetings cards. Online content flickers over our screens for milliseconds when we scroll, but stand-out print can hold people’s attention. Print is a vital point of contact you have with your customers.

Why style matters

Getting your design just right is the foundation of your brand identity. Your logo, as well as your colour palette, typography and shapes used in your design will drastically change the impression your design makes. An angular design with a strong, dark font will have a very different impact to a softer design with painterly shapes and a script typeface.

Once you’ve decided how you want your brand to look, creating a style guide is a good idea to make sure the look of your brand stays distinctive and true. This guide can be referred back to and will make sure your brand identity comes through in every bit of print you release into the world.

Your logo design can be manipulated to create different effects. We can alter and adapt artwork to make it pop on any print product, using different brand colours and playing around with shapes or changing up the opacity – the options are endless. Of course, this is done carefully within your brand guidelines to protect the integrity of your artwork and make sure it’s always totally on-brand.

There are lots of ways to craft a distinctive brand identity when it comes to print including:

special effects (UV printing and tactile stocks)

Beautiful business cards

They’re the most portable and shareable piece of print your business is likely to have. A beautifully-designed and printed business card can positively reinforce a face-to-face meeting and convey the ethos of your brand.

What do you want your business cards to communicate? Simplicity? Luxury? A sense of fun? Good design can capture and convey these sentiments effortlessly.

If you need a hand tightening up your brand identity or bringing your design elements up-to-date, our in-house designers are always happy to have a chat, share some ideas and offer inspiration.

Make 2019 the year you nail your brand identity (and those all-important business cards).


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