What do you think about the new Belle website?

We’ve officially launched our brand new website! Say hello to the new look Belle Design & Print.

As we’re perfectionists, it’s been a long time coming – but completely worth every minute that’s been spent. Our website is the first that we have been involved in so heavily. From start to launch, the process was a massive eye opener.We had the opportunity to work with some great digital teams who’ve guided our journey to the finished product. Here’s how they helped us:

The designers

Our web designers at Warm & Fuzzy have been exceptional and a joy to work alongside. Their understanding of our brief, sense of character and business direction has been showcased in the finished product of the site and we are proud to shout about it. The way which pages and links work together seamlessly to give our users relevant information shows they have nailed it.

The photographers

Photographers really earn their money and we were lucky to work with Cactus. They have created some amazing shots of our work to use in our portfolio and help visually inspire our customers. Seeing professional photographers at work is incredible – the attention to detail they have and the light and space needed to make just one shot is stunning. They laid on the floor, directed mirrors and placed Blu Tac in subtle places to give the image the look we wanted.It wasn’t what we were expecting from overseeing a shoot, but we loved every second of the exhausting day!

We also worked with Scott Anderton from Striking Perfection for the individual and team shots. The day he took our staff photographs was particularly sunny, making his job even harder! The final photographs, and those he took of our customers on location, work really well with the content on the site.

The copywriters

To our surprise, we found one of the hardest aspects was writing about ourselves. Crocstar came to the rescue and helped us develop the copy so it was user friendly without being overly technical.

The people involved have made the site be something we could never imagined – but always wanted. A big thank you to you all.

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